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DIIG: Pioneering Innovation Through Strategic Partnership


At DIIG, we consider ourselves more than just consultants - we are partners in innovation. With an extensive background in private equity investment and a wealth of collective experience exceeding a century, our team brings a broad spectrum of expertise, including government relations, issue management, product development, global launches, competitive research, and real estate development. Our purpose is to catalyze innovation and growth in corporations, state agencies, small businesses, and especially minority-owned enterprises. We work across four primary divisions – Food & Beverage, Policy Development, Brand Launches, and Collaborative R&D – designed to address unique industry challenges and drive strategic, forward-thinking solutions. Our commitment is to help develop commerce in underserved areas and transform ideas into tangible realities through collaborative innovation. In partnership with DIIG, your organization will not just navigate the business landscape but redefine it. Welcome to DIIG, where your innovation journey begins.

What We Can Do For You

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Food & Beverage

At DIIG, we leverage our industry expertise to help you navigate the dynamic food and beverage landscape. We offer effective strategies for scaling, product development, regulatory management, and brand narrative creation, all tailored to your specific business needs.

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Policy Development

Our consultants skillfully navigate policy complexities to shape strategies that align with your organization's mission. From advising on regulatory compliance to advocating for change, DIIG is your strategic partner in influencing policy.


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Brand Launches

We understand that launching a brand requires strategic planning and a holistic approach. At DIIG, we translate your vision into a compelling brand identity and introduce it to your desired market with maximum impact.


Collaborative R&D

Our Collaborative R&D division is committed to driving innovation and business growth. We provide expertise in research initiatives, product development, and intellectual property strategy, partnering with you on your journey towards business expansion.

Why Us

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Industry-Leading Expertise

"Harness the power of our diverse team with over 100 years of combined experience in various sectors."

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Innovative Approach

"Redefine your business landscape with our unique blend of strategic insights and innovative solutions."

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"Experience the difference of a consulting firm that prioritizes partnership, viewing your success as our success."

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At DIIG, our mission, vision, and philosophy are encapsulated in one powerful belief - 'Innovation, achieved through partnership, is the cornerstone of extraordinary growth.' Our team is committed to illuminating your path towards success and pioneering new possibilities together.

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Client Feedback

"Working with DIIG has been transformative. Their insight and strategic guidance have been instrumental in driving our initiatives forward. DIIG's approach of partnership over consultancy has truly set them apart in our experience."

"DIIG's innovative approach and deep understanding of intellectual property have been invaluable to our organization. Their team's expertise has delivered tangible results and helped us navigate complex issues with ease."

"As a fast-growing business, we found DIIG's support in brand launch and R&D to be the catalyst for our growth. Their commitment to partnership and innovative solutions has empowered us to redefine our business landscape."

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